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12-Inch (2-4 yr. old)

Norco Coaster 12
Is your little one ready for a big kid bike? The Coaster 12" is the perfect first bike or progression from a run bike for kids age 3 to 4 years old. Equipped with coaster brakes and removable training wheels, the Coaster 12" gives young riders the stability and control to build confidence and skills. The lightweight aluminum frame has lower standover to fit smaller riders, so young kids can begin to experience the fun and adventure only found on two wheels. - Lightweight alloy frame - Kid-sized components - Coaster brake - Air tires w/semi-smooth tread - Training wheels included
Garneau F-12 Boys
Let your child rip around the park on this hotrod red F-12 fun machine! It features 12-inch wheels, perfect for the first-time rider. The F-12 comes with training wheels, so if they’re just learning to ride then worry not! Once they learn their balance, the training wheels come off with ease. The F-12 comes with a single speed which makes it very low maintenance and extremely durable, and the coaster brake lets the child stop with confidence by pushing back on the pedals.
Garneau F-12 Girls
Let your child roam the park with the F-12 (12 ") bike designed for hours of fun! Features : -The F-12 represents the 12 inch wheels, perfect for beginners -This bike is a great choice for kids 1 to 4 years old or between 28 and 38 inches -The F-12 has stabilizing wheels, so don't worry if they are just learning to ride. As soon as they learn; you can easily remove them -Single speed bike, which makes it very resistant and requires very little maintenance -The coaster brake allows the child to stop confidently by pressing the pedals backwards -Height adjustable seat up to 5" higher
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